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Is Marriage Counseling Covered by Insurance?

Is Marriage Counseling Covered by Insurance?


Is Marriage Counseling Covered by Insurance?


Marriage is one of the most complicated relationships two human beings can get into. It is more than choosing a partner with whom to face life’s twists and turns. Getting married and raising a family together is rarely simple. In fact, very few marriages or committed relationships exist conflict-free.

When a couple has frequent arguments or full-blown disputes, or has simply stopped having fun, the union is threatened. For many, the first instinct to save the marriage is to try and solve the problems on their own. Since not all couples are equipped with the required relationship skills, it can be incredibly helpful to seek professional intervention. One route to take is marriage counseling, a form of talk therapy specifically designed for people in a relationship.

When you decide to seek counseling, one of the first concerns may be the cost. It is an unfortunate reality that money can be a barrier to getting the help you need. Thankfully, health insurance may be one resource that you can use to finance marriage counseling.


When Does Insurance Cover Marriage Counseling?

Insurance companies have rules about how they cover counseling. This is an important thing to know when choosing your insurance. For example, an insurance company pays for individual therapy and family therapy, but not therapy for marriage or relational problems. The only way for marriage counseling to be covered by some insurance plans is when a member of the couple has symptoms that meet the criteria of a DSM-5 diagnosis. Examples of these: Adjustment disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, depression and many more.

In this scenario, insurance will cover the cost as family therapy, which means it also covers “marriage counseling” if the client (the person with the symptoms) brings the spouse to help resolve issues between them. These symptoms often can be the result of marital distress and often contribute to unresolved issues. Examples:  irritability, insomnia, lack of concentration, excessive worry, lack of pleasure in life, and many more.  If symptoms are not present, the costs will not be covered by insurance.


Keep Your Relationship Healthy with Insurance Coverage

When your marriage or relationship has taken a downward turn and conflict is creating distance between you and your spouse, seeking professional help is a logical step to take. Many couples wait an average of six years in an unhappy marriage before considering counseling as a “last resort” to save the relationship.

You don’t have to wait for your marriage to deteriorate and things to get emotionally distressing before trying counseling. Nothing should stop you, especially if this type of family counseling is covered by your insurance. Get help from Carolina Counseling Services – Pittsboro, NC. The independently contracted therapists at CCS are well-trained, impartial, and non-judgmental professionals who are committed to help couples achieve better, more satisfying relationships. If that is something you want, call now to request an appointment.


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