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What to Expect on Your First Visit to Carolina Counseling Services – Pittsboro, NC

New Patients


If negative thoughts and feelings are dominating your days and nights so that your day-to-day life has become a dreary struggle, calling Carolina Counseling Services – Pittsboro, NC, is both courageous and proactive.

There is no need to feel apprehensive about your first appointment. Your courage will be rewarded with the chance to think and feel better. Sit back and relax; your therapist will make your first session stress-free and comfortable to the best of their ability


A Second Home Awaits You 

The prospect of getting your distressing symptoms addressed may be motivating enough, but the homey ambiance of the Carolina Counseling Services – Pittsboro, NC—welcoming, comfy, clean, and privateis reassuring. Your comfort and peace of mind are important to us, because we know these are essential for you to overcome your apprehension. Arrive early, so you have the time to relax and get comfortable before your session. With a calm disposition, you will be in a better mood to tell your therapist about your worries and distressing experiences. 


Counting the Minutes: Doing the Preliminaries

Coming early before your first appointment is helpful so you can do the paperwork without feeling rushed. There are a few basic forms you must fill out to give your therapist the information they need. Also make sure you have brought an ID and your insurance card, if you will be using it. If not, ensure you have the cash to pay the session fees/deductibles/copays. We will advise you on this when you call to make the appointment.

At the appointed hour, your therapist will meet you where you are waiting and lead you to the consultation/session office. Once you get inside, you may hand over your ID and insurance card, or alternatively, the amount that will cover the fees. A receipt will be issued to acknowledge the payment.


Making the First Session Successful: What Are the Goals?

The goals of your first session are for the therapist to establish an accurate diagnosis, and an initial plan of treatment, both of which will become the foundation of your treatment, and to determine if the independently contracted therapist is the right fit for you.

There will be a great deal of talking during your first session. To determine the diagnosis, the therapist will ask you questions about your family and your medical history. To “leave no stone unturned,” they will ask about personal matters and experiences that could be indicators of deep emotional issues.

Personally, your goal should be to communicate your concerns and symptoms as capably and clearly as you can. You can improve the accuracy of your diagnosis if you trust your therapist and are honest with your responses. Remember that they can only resolve your concerns and help you feel better if they know what the problems are.


 Working Towards Your Well-Being

Finding your right fit or match is essential. For you to move and advance forward, you need the help of the therapist who is best able to make that happen.

This is why you are given the liberty to decide whether to go ahead with the same therapist in your upcoming sessions or change to a different one. The first consultation is a good time to assess whether there is good chemistry between you and your therapist. Having good chemistry is helpful in building the trust you need to share your most private thoughts without fear or qualms.

The session should also give your therapist an idea of whether your concern falls within their expertise. CCS strives to match you with someone who can best assist you with your needs to make progress in your healing or resolution of issues. If the therapist thinks another professional can help you better, they will make a recommendation or referral.


Sailing through Life with Carolina Counseling Services in Pittsboro

If negativity and unpleasant emotions have been dominating your life and you are feeling distressed, dejected, and hopeless, cheer up—it’s not the end of the world! Today, you will be meeting the professional who can make a difference in your life—your therapist independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services – Pittsboro, NC. 

CCS works hard at finding the right therapist for you because we believe that it is the key to make you feel better. We want you to find your perfect match here.

Congratulations on your decision to visit CCS today! We are glad to bring opportunities for healing and future happy days.

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