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Five Obstacles That Can Hinder You from Seeking Counseling

Five Obstacles That Can Hinder You from Seeking Counseling


Five Obstacles That Can Hinder You from Seeking Counseling


Nobody lives a perfect life. Even the most successful people have their own share of despair and difficulties. There are those who have a happy family life, but are burdened by demanding or stressful work. There are people who are financially stable, but are stricken with chronic medical conditions. And there are those who are in the pink of health, but can barely meet their needs financially.

You are not the only one having a bad day or life. So, what’s your story? If unresolved issues are unduly distressing you, making it challenging to be productive and do your best, it is worthwhile to see a therapist. However, this can be easier said than done, as some roadblocks will present themselves along the way.  

What are five of the obstacles or roadblocks that you must overcome to start counseling?


  1. The opinions of others: Much of the public is now aware that counseling is a proactive action to help overcome personal challenges. Not everyone may think so, however: some people may say or do things that indicate they don’t believe you should seek counseling. Don’t let them deter you from getting the help you need.

If you can feel your courage gradually weakening at the thought of what people may think or say about you, keep the information to yourself. The law and therapists’ code of ethics protect your secrets against prying eyes and wagging tongues. No one needs to know you are seeing a therapist. Rather than becoming overly self-conscious and worried, focus on the benefits that you may gain from counseling.


  1. Fear of reliving a painful life event: Therapy usually necessitates the reopening of old wounds while the counselor attempts to trace the roots of your issues. This can be a dreadful moment, but it can also be cathartic. Give it a chance.

If burying your painful memories has only made you more distressed, anxious, unhappy, guilty, helpless, or hopeless, then resurfacing them could be worth trying. By getting them out in the open, you get a second chance to resolve them more successfully, this time with the assistance of an expert therapist.


  1. The power of negative thoughts: Depression, anxiety, and other emotional conditions or issues are indications that you have succumbed to negativities. Negative thoughts can be very powerful and pervasive. They can turn you against everything positive, including therapy and healing. Overpowering them will not be easy. You need more than strong will and a supportive family to do that.

Negative thoughts’ primal foe is positivity. Optimism nurtures courage and fosters hope—two of the most salient benefits that you can gain from therapy or counseling. To cultivate positivity and make it pervasive and entrenched in your thoughts and life, you need the help of an expert therapist.


  1. The influence of relationships: How can you say no to family and friends whom you know have your best interests at heart? They can inspire you, but they can also impede your progress or stand in the way of your decisions. Because they lack expertise, their advice may run counter to best practices in the field. If you have issues with some of these people, their perspectives can be tainted with prejudice.

Trust a trained professional counselor to methodically assess your symptoms for a proper diagnosis of your emotional condition. They can provide a neutral and unbiased ground when you need to meet with your family members to resolve family and personal concerns.


  1. The unavoidable cost: When there is a long list of needs to pay for, therapy or seeing a medical practitioner may be the first to go, with food, shelter, education, and clothing taking precedence. What you may not realize is that you can work harder and earn more when you have a sound mind, just as when you have a healthy body. If you make your mental health a priority, you can take care of the rest of your needs as you make progress in your counseling.

Having insurance can be very valuable. It will help a lot if you can invest in a policy that covers your emotional health. To get more value for the money, choose a good one. Finally, be smart when prioritizing your needs. Review your list again—there may be some items that can be relegated below your therapy needs.


“Life is not a bed of roses,” but it is not a “bed of thorns” either. It can be more fulfilling and beautiful than you perceive in the midst of anguish, pain, fear, or despondency. At the “end of the dark tunnel,” there is light, but to get there, you have to stop believing in these five roadblocks that are preventing you from seeking help.

Living life to the hilt in the new millennium has its price, but you are not totally without options. In the face of these challenges, be thankful that professional help is just a phone call or message away. If you are from Pittsboro, North Carolina, you can get that help from Carolina Counseling Services.

Carolina Counseling Services – Pittsboro, NC, contracts with independent and experienced therapists who can help you save yourself from an unrewarding life. If you find the courage to call, one of them can help you discover positivity and take you down the road to the better life that you deserve.


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