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TRICARE Allows Military Dependents and Retirees to Get Counseling without a Doctor’s Referral

TRICARE Allows Military Dependents and Retirees to Get Counseling without a Doctor’s Referral


TRICARE Allows Military Dependents and Retirees

to Get Counseling without a Doctor’s Referral


Military life comes with challenges that often require help in the forms of emotional and behavioral health counseling and treatment. Service members and their families face multiple stressors, including deployment-related stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and marital distress. Coupled with the pressure of deployment, service members experience the toll of separation from loved ones. Meanwhile, their families carry on the universal tradition of waiting, worrying, and possibly grieving. These are only some of the issues that often warrant psychological health care and services for military families.


Mental Health Care Services and Support for Soldiers and Their Unsung Heroes at Home

The Department of Defense (DoD) has taken steps to provide service members and their families access to a continuum of counseling support through TRICARE. TRICARE is a health care program that provides health benefits for US military personnel, retirees, dependents, and some members of the Reserve Component. Beneficiaries are entitled to a host of professional services for emotional and behavioral issues from a range of TRICARE-authorized mental health providers across the globe.

Although mental health services are offered by the TRICARE Military facilities worldwide, they are not sufficient to meet the growing needs of the huge number of eligible members and their families. To resolve this, TRICARE allows beneficiaries to seek help from its network from civilian counselors who understand their unique needs and can help them achieve emotional well-being.

The option to seek outside counseling allows Military dependents and Retirees and their families to get help from their preferred counselor without a DR referral. (*Active Duty Service Members MUST get a referral from their MTF to utilize off post counseling).

Finding a counselor who accepts TRICARE (an IN NETWORK Provider) and understands the issues and concerns military clients bring with them to the counseling office is important. As a dependent or retiree, you are entitled to professional counseling without getting a doctor’s referral.


Counseling that Advocates Confidentiality

One pervasive attitude in military culture is that feelings or emotions are not talked about in the open, particularly outside the military setting of peers. Often, speaking to an on post professional may be concerning out of fear of losing career. This may be the reason why some service members and family members are hesitant to seek emotional help from military or civilian providers who work on a military installation. A major factor in this distrust is the potential impact on the military member’s career if confidentiality is breached.

If you have the same concern, trust Carolina Counseling Services — Pittsboro, NC, to protect your privacy when you seek counseling services and treatment. Confidentiality is very important to us!


Remember, Military Dependents and Retirees do NOT need a DR referral. 

Our independently contracted counselors offer their offices as a safe haven to resolve the issues you’re facing. As a TRICARE beneficiary, you can get counseling without a doctor’s referral. Just make a call to schedule an appointment.


There are no referrals required for dependents or retirees! Just call and make an appointment.

Tricare Prime: You have no copay or deductible, so there is no cost for you.

Tricare Select: You have a deductible that must be met each fiscal year. After you meet your deductible, you will be responsible for a $31 copay.

Tricare Prime Retired: You will be responsible for a $30 copay.

Tricare Select Retired: You have a deductible that must be met each fiscal year. After you meet your deductible, you will be responsible for a $41 copay.


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